Marketing, a strategy to better serve your patients

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Today I have a small question for you. My question is this: How do you perceive the word “marketing”?

During some discussions about marketing, I realized that this term is often perceived negatively.

When I ask my interlocutors of what is wrong with this term, they say that for them, the word marketing is synonymous of deceit, falsehood and even scam. Some of them believe that we only use marketing to sell more and inflate the profits of an already successful business.

If you also have this negative image of the word marketing, read on. In a few paragraphs, I’ll share with you my views on this subject and hope that my ideas erase the bitterness left by your preconceptions about marketing.

Marketing, a way to define one’s own company.

Marketing is not only good for selling products and services to your patients.

Marketing is, first and foremost, a method to help therapists and clinic owners, to define their company’s strengths and therefore, offer a better service to their patients.

Marketing is also used to identify one’s market and communicate the distinctive features of the healthcare practice to the patients.

Marketing is also used to improve the presentation of a service, highlight its qualities and communicate its benefits.

Marketing empowers healthcare providers towards their customers and helps them feel good about their operations. The more the owner of the office has confidence in his products and services, the more he will be proud of his company and the better he will serve his patients.

By defining his unique selling proposition, the practitioner showcases the benefits and uniqueness of his business. Then, he incorporates and spreads this new identity using the resources and tools available in his company.

When marketing is practiced in an efficient and ethical way, the owner of the practice helps consumers like very few companies do.

The goal of a health care provider is to satisfy the needs of the consumer and create a win-win agreement between all the stakeholders (including patients) as part of the same commercial activity (or a nonprofit activity). Finally, marketing will then be the process used to create, communicate and deliver the business value to patients and partners.

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